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 Nilay Patel- Gujarat
(Kailash Mansarovar Yatra in 2010 with Mother and two Aunts)
Dear Vaishali,
Shree Kailash Yatra 
First things first - it is we , who all ought to say A huge "Thank you " and "Sorry" both.

The Circumambulation of Mt. Kailas wouldnt have been possible with the love and the immense support from the entire team. . leave alone things like food and other facilities. It is the grace and the power of morning prayers and evening bhajans that has done the job. . to all the people i meet , i have the same experience to share. . . so much belongingness , so much oneness. . . that only tears of gratitude suffice. . in a mater of days , the "tourists" transform into "pilgrims" . . and the real journey, thus begins.. . the outer ( for sure) but also of the inner... even the memory of Kailas ji and the entire vicinity brings a sense of peace and stability. . .

You (and our entire Shree Kailash Yatra family) are a wonderful instrument. . of lord himself... taking so many people to his abode..and more than just a professional adventure, this is a personal life long investment ( may be , even an after-life investment :-) )

we are thankful to you and will always remember this as the best pilgrimage till date. our love and regards to hiraji , tanka sir ji , vishnu ji, mamu ji , and everyone at the Shree Kailash Yatra Excursions.

My next tour with you is scheduled - may-june 2014 and i have a whole bunch of friends and family ready to be on that tour.  with Shiv ji's grace , hopefully , that too shall happen. so probably, i am the first Advance booking for May-June 2014! :-)

"Everything is Written":-)

loads of love  and regards to everyone!

Ps: and yes.. your whole team is Shiva-gana ( Shiv "Gun"- Even if you Fire, they are the Bullets of love :-) )
- Nilay, Saroj and Sudha
 M: 91 9879952760


 Bhirenbhai Patel-London
(Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2010 with 10 family members
Dear Vaishaliji and Hiraji


I hope any pray that by the grace of the almighty by the time you receive and read this email you will have had another successful and satisfying Mahayatra of the sacred Mt Kailash and the holy Lake Mansorvar . 
There are no words or superlatives that can adequately describe how enormously thankful and grateful we are of the entire Shree Kailash Yatra team in leading us so valiantly in the successful and deeply satisfying conclusion of our Mahayatra. Your leadership and vital decision to stay an extra day at Derapuk despite all weather reports to the contrary shows how committed you are to the cause of leading as many yatris as possible in fulfilling their yearning for a successful mahayatra of the sacred Mt Kailash and the holy Lake Mansorvar.  
Lord Shiva’s blessings are undoubtedly upon you in abundance and long may you continue to lead many more yatris to a successful and soul satisfying mahayatra.
Personally as long as the almighty wishes and if I have the accompanying support of my wife Ila I would like to undertake the yatra again in future – perhaps in 2012 or even god willing in 2014! There is no question – I will only go with Shree Kailash Yatra (as long as Vaishliji and Hiraji are leading) – and I will make it my mission (or our mission) to ensure that I recommend Shree Kailash Yatra to the hilt for any new or future aspiring yatri.

With best wishes and kind regards

- Bhiren Patel (Email : E:
 Bena (Daminiben Patel) Patel-Nairobi
(Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2010)
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- Bena ( Email : )
 Swamy Raghvendrajee- Gangotari
(Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2010)
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- Swamy Raghvendrajee- Gangotari
 Ila Patel-USA(Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2010)
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- Ila Patel-USA ( Email : )
 Jayshree-Puna(Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2010)
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- Jayshree - Puna ( Email : )
 Kalpa Patel-Dubai (Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2010)
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- Kalpa Patel - Dubai ( Email : )
 Naveen Sharma (July 2005)
Vaishali Shah
Shree Kailash Yatra
My experience during the Kailash Yatra
Dear Vaishali, 
Before arriving in Kathmandu I had given little thought to the preparations for this big adventure. The fact that you picked me from the airport in person was very comforting. During our preparation meetings it became clear how ill prepared I was From shoes to caps to socks I had to buy a lot of stuff in Kathmandu still not knowing how badly I would need all of those, but I listened to your instructions.  During the travel days in Nepal the group came together, the evening devotions, the vegetarian food, drinking a lot of water slowly put us into the spirit for the yatra.
Then it became serious when we reached Nyalam, altitude, simple accommodation, cold, long hours in the car. It got worse in Saga, many of the yatris got into problems due to the altitude. Only slowly it sank into the mind how important your instructions had been and how much experience you had knowing exactly where we would feel bad when it would get better. But your visits to everybody in the evening to check on their health, give a massage when required, was very comforting.

As we get closer to the big moment, to see the holy lake and Kailash, the worries started mounting in all yatris, will we really be able to do the parikrama.

One moment we said no, we can’t do it, the next moment we wanted to give it a try after having come that far. But then with your encouragement I was ready to make an attempt, keeping in mind I was the oldest member of the group but by no means the lightest or fittest.
When it was clear that we all could get horses during the parikrama we all were sure enough to attempt at least the first day. At the end of that day we would see if we proceed or turn back. But the first day was not too difficult and we all wanted to continue, thanks to Hira, who was teaching us how to walk, slowly and breathing properly at the high altitude.

Second day was tough, rain and snow, clinging to those horses on the steep slopes, rocks and mud, cold and windy. Luckily I didn’t require extra help but others did and were helped with oxygen and taken safely down the mountain by the experienced members of your team. But it took still hours to reach the camp that evening.

And then in no time the staff put up tents started cooking food and tea and we had our only night camping.

The third day was a nice walk through the valley, which most of us did on foot not needing the horses anymore. By lunchtime we reached the cars and we were very happy and satisfied about having done it, the Maha Yatra.
The drive back was not easy because we decided to gain one day and the adventures did not want to end, car troubles, mud slides blocking the road, kept on happening until we reached Kathmandu.

During all difficulties and late nights your staff was incredible. Early mornings we got tea, then breakfast, lunch in the middle of no-where, afternoon teas, some times even very late dinners. Your guys were always friendly, very, very nice and encouraging and helpful. At times we were wondering when they sleep and how they manage to be so good. 

During the whole yatra I felt very well looked after, during the evening devotions in fact during the entire days you had a very positive influence on the group and every single person. In fact over time you made me feel like a big brother, prajee. 


- Naveen Sharma


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